Ciao Marker G00 Jade Green

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  • Copic Ciao Marker G00 Jade Green
  • Copic G00 Jade Green
  • Super Brush Medium Broad Nibs


Copic Ciao Markers are a great choice for artists that want to try Copic Markers for the first time. The Ciao's round barrel is smaller than the Copic Sketch marker barrel and is filled with alcohol-based ink that can be stored either flat or upright.

Two versatile tips on the Sketch Marker allow you to create a variety of strokes. While the medium broad nib is best for thicker strokes, the super brush nib resembles a paintbrush and is best for variable-width strokes and blending.


  • Replaceable nibs
  • Refillable ink
  • Fast-drying
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