Out of My Comfort Zone

Out of My Comfort Zone

Posted by Poli Rizco on 25th Jan 2018

We all have favorite techniques, colors & subjects. For me, it is coloring. My go-to medium is watercolor. I also favor Copic markers & color pencils.

This year my word is STRETCH – I want to push myself to do the things I have been putting off, finish my studio, lose a little weight, try to do more with the materials I already own (before buying more) & become more active. I also want to push myself to try new techniques, so this time - NO COLORING!

I started with some scrapbook paper that has kind of a boy vibe (another stretch, I’m definitely a girly girl). I covered the paper with SCOR-TAPE. Once I put the paper in a tray, I coated it with CRYSTAL GLITTER RITZ Transparent Microfine Glitter Cool Highlight.

After I took it out of the glitter tray, I burnished it with my finger, to add luster and applied the cupcake sticker from the Cupcakes Outline Sticker sheet.

The cherry is white paper covered with SCOR-TAPE & JEWEL GLITTER RITZ Opaque Microfine Fire Red glitter. I used the same red for the three hearts. After fussing cutting those objects, I used scrapbook paper for the cupcake & cut that out as well. I needed a little something for the background, so I used the swirls from the Stacked Presents Outline Sticker sheet.

I used a template to cut out my card. It comes with the words Happy Birth Day. I die cut them a second time using paper I had covered in JEWEL GLITTER RITZ Opaque Microfine Western Blue glitter.


I finished it off with the word Celebrate also from the Cupcake Outline Sticker sheet.

I hope you enjoy the card & I want to encourage you to stretch yourself this year – try a new technique & see what you can do with it!

Krazy Kreations Products Used:

Cupcakes Outline Sticker

Stacked Presents Outline Sticker

Glitter Ritz Transparent Microfine Glitter Cool Highlight

Glitter Ritz Microfine Opaque Fire Red

Glitter Ritz Microfine Opaque Western Blue

Scor-Tape 6 x 6 Sheets