Strolling in the Snow

Strolling in the Snow

I have had this clear ornament in my stash for more than 3 years. My original reason for getting it was that I wanted to paint a Christmas scene on it…but alas, I can’t paint freehand at all! When I saw the adorable Snowman stickers, my first thought was “that would make a perfect outline to paint on this ornament”. The snowmen fit perfectly and stood up to the paint.

1.I started by wiping the surface with alcohol to remove any fingerprints, dirt or debris.

2.Next, I adhered the outline stickers to surface of the ornament. I did not put the buttons, eyes nose, or mouth because I did not want to paint around them.

3.I used acrylic paint and painted in the open areas. Any paint that went out of the line, easily wipes off the stickers. I let it dry overnight.

4.After the paint dried, I applied some glue and sprinkled the gloves, snowmen, and hats, with Jewel Glitter Ritz glitter. It is so sparkly and very fine so it is great for these types of applications.

5.I Let it dry to be sure that the eyes, noses, and smiles would not fall off. I then adhered the smile, eyes, noses and buttons on over the paint.

6.Lastly, I filled the bottom with fake snow and added some snowflake stickers from the snowman sticker sheet and finished embellishing with some ribbon from my stash.

The stickers are perfect for using as an outline to paint. I had so much fun creating this ornament. I love how the black outline gave it a “stamped” feeling. I hope you enjoy my ornament and have as much fun as I did making it. The supplies I used are listed below. Wishing you lots of joy, and take a minute to be creative!

Krazy Kreations Supplies

Snowmen Outline Sticker

Glitter Ritz Opaque Micro Fine Glitter Emerald Green 1/2 oz

Glitter Ritz Opaque Micro Fine Glitter Cool Highlight 1/2 oz

Glitter Ritz Opaque Micro Fine Glitter Fire Red 1/2 oz

18th Dec 2017 Joyce Schmidt

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